Bulbasaur is The greatest starter Pokemon of all time

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3 min readMar 26, 2022

You’re in one of three camps.

Fire, Water, or Grass starter.

Doesn’t make a difference to most. People see a Dragon and they go, “Yeah I’d like that thing on my team”.

And who can blame them? Charizard is iconic.

He’s up there with Pikachu, and even Wobbofett.

So you’re the least sexy of the three options. Nobody is green with envy.

Squirtle is cute, and your name is a little bit harder to pronounce.

But hey, it’s okay because the anime is going to give you a popularity boost.

You’re the first of the trio to show up on screen.

The Iron Man, you truely do go the distance.

Other than Pikachu, and I think Pidgey , you’re the longest running cast member.

And everybody has forgotten about you now.

But being first doesn’t make you the greatest.

Neither does being there the longest.

Or else Iron Man would be the greatest Avenger.

He’s not. Thor is.

Pikachu is the greatest Pokemon ever.

Because he’s blonde and shoots lightning bolts.

And he’s OP in Super Smash Bros.

But Bulbasaur is the greatest starter Pokemon ever.

Because Balbasaur can beat Rock and Misty. And cut a path through Moon Mountain like a lawnmower.

Bulbasaur is wicked strong in the early game.

You can Vine Whip and Razor Leaf your way through almost anybody.

Your other Pokemon have time to develop before you start taking on the kind of matchup problems Grass types regular run into.

A Bulbasaur lead squad has to be careful of Archrival Whateveryoucalledthefucker.

He’s got the fire starter, and a Kadabra.

Later it’s Drowzy’s and Hyno’s, your Psychic types, who are super effective against Grass. I always found that annoying.

There’s such a logic to the elements effects on each other in Pokemon games. It’s fascinating.

For whatever reason, they opted to make Psychic attacks super effective against grass.

Sidebar: I found the part of the game where you start meeting Drowzy’s and Hypno’s to be terrifying. It was a forrest terrain, with these fucked up bi-peds using “Psychic attacks” on you. Spooky shit.

And Kadabra is a tough matchup for anybody.

If you want time to, I don’t know, raise a Nidoking and a Graveler to ass kicking levels, while your Pidgeot and Raichu get some good minutes, and your Gyarados, and you, calmly surf your way over to capture Zapdos, and Articuno?

Get a Bulbasaur.

And, the best part, you get to beat Archrival Whateveryoucalledthefucker’s Charizard.

To be the best you gotta beat the best.

The thing about Venasaur is that he can take a Fire Blast from Charizard and still live.

That gives you time to use Sleep Powder. Then you can use Giga Drain to regain some health and set up defensively in what’s called a “Stall Wall”.

A Charizard at an equal level with a Blastoise can’t survive a Hydro Pump.

It gets 1 hit KO’d.

To be fair to Charizard, Hydro Pump is one of the strongest moves in the game.

Venasaur can one shot Blastoise, if it uses Solar Beam.

Another reason to take Bulbasaur, he’s not just a dinosaur. He’s a dinosaur shooting laser beams.

Of course, it needs a turn to recharge after it uses it.

And I use Venasaur above ^ because no sane person uses Bulbasaur against a Charizard.

You’d need to max it out to level 100 and pray that first Fire Blast misses.

Who does that?


I do that.

Ash’s Bulbasaur doesn’t want to evolve in the anime. Neither does mine.

Like Pikachu, Bulbasuar is a proud Bulbasuar. He doesn’t need to evolve to get better.

He is Bulbasaur.

And nothing is going to change him.



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