People are uglier than I initially give them credit for.

Especially the ones I like.

More and more, I meet new people, for the first time, and they’re wearing a mask.

It’s kind of funny how many folks I live, work, and interact with on a daily basis, all the while, having no clue what they look like.

I like it that way.

Sure it bothered me, at first.

Then I went on a date.

I’d met her at work.

And we’d hit it off.

When I finally asked her out, and we were texting, setting up plans to meet…

A couple things:

First, the obligatory recognition of this mans limitations.

Both situationally, and in his basketball game.

  • He has no leverage in the standoff between himself and GM Daryl Morey.
  • He can’t shoot.
  • He wants to leave.
  • He took a total of 3 shots in 7 4th quarters. In a playoff series.
  • The fans want him to leave.
  • He isn’t a guy capable of being the #1, or even #2 option on a championship team.
  • Everyone in sports media is shitting on him right now.

It’s not a good place to be.

The second thing is: None of it…

Whoever said, “It is what it is”, knew what they were talking about, they just didn’t know how to describe it.

That goes without saying.

Which begs the question: why were they talking in the first place?

I suppose its not entirely their fault. Not everything can be put into words.

I just don’t see the point in wasting them on a phrase so utterly useless.

It is what it is

Yeah, no shit dude.

They’re not wrong. They just don’t have the stones to try and be right.

It’s cowardice.

What, you’re not even going to take a stab…

No great team, in the history of basketball, hasn’t had a lethal transition offence.

As the game has evolved, it has increased in pace. That’s well documented.

What gets neglected, is the importance of the odd man rush. These plays are what separates good teams from great.

It is the single biggest distinguishing factor from the college game to the pros; the ability to execute in the open floor.

Every time.

For that is the standard that the great teams set.

An odd man rush must end in one of two scenarios:

  1. A made bucket.
  2. Free throws.

No exceptions.


As the old saying goes, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely”.

You could be absolutely certain that no villain, worthy of the title, would turn their back on unlimited power.

Until Thanos.

The Avengers failed. In devastating fashion.

The couldn’t stop Thanos. They couldn’t keep the Infinity Stones from him.

They couldn’t stop him from using them.

They couldn’t get them back when he was finished.

They couldn’t undo what he had done.

Thor was too late.

At least, that’s where the focus is.

The audience, the writers’ focus, is on The Avengers.

After this scene ^ we…

Mr. Lowry.

Nay, Mr. Raptor.


You will forever be remembered north of the border for this.

You’re barely 6 feet tall. And I’ll be god dammed if there is one player in this league who could get the better of you in the post.

You punch above your weight, each and every night. At times, with utter abandon.

No player in the NBA has hit the floor more times in the last 5 years.

As if that stat could possible encompass what you have meant to this team.

The city.

The franchise.

The nation.

You got dawg man. And…

The 2016 World Cup of Hockey featured a team comprised of the games youngest up-and-coming stars.

Team North America included Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, Morgan O’Reilly, Nathan Mackinnon, Seth Jones, Jack Eichel, Matt Murray, John Gibson and Johnny Goudreau.

Currently, they’re some of the brightest stars in the NHL. 5 years ago they were just starting out, getting their feet wet the in the big pond.

This squad lacked expereince, but had grit, determination and most importantly, they had Dawg.

Their games were the highlight of the tournament for me and my friends. …

The first wave I ever caught beyond The break, I made a classic mistake.

I’d finally decided I was good enough to get out there and play with the big boys. I pumped Graduation by Kanye West, got psyched, and headed out into the froth.

On that first attempt, I caught a wave and, surprised by how high up I was, I made the rookie decision to stay prone on my board, rather than pop up.

I rode straight down the face, tabogan style, and burried the nose of the board into the base of the wave.

It was then…

I, like everyone else watching the playoffs this year, have been blown away by Trae.

The little shrimp breaks the brains of defenders thanks to, what I believe, has become his signature move.

The floater.

Sorry, I meant lob.

I mean… Shit. Which one is it?



Last night, watching Game 6, as the Suns closed out the Clippers to advance to their first NBA Finals since 1993, I was struck by the elevation that Devin Booker was able to get on his jumper.

You’d be forgiven for missing it. These are NBA players, afterall. Bunnies are in abundance in a league that hosts some the most impressive athletic feats known to man.

Basketball players can jump high.

^Not exactly a novel fact.

Not to mention that Chris Paul had 41 points (31 in the second half). …

Small W’s

West coast kid with love for the East. Just out of uni and working on being alive. Will try almost anything once and will definitely write about it. Stay tuned.

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