I’m going to tell a story, that I probably shouldn’t tell, and nobody wants to hear.

It’s about my dating life.

It’s about getting rejected.

And it isn’t a good story.

But I’m going to tell it, because it’ll sit perfectly juxtaposed with the photo above.

I’m going to paint…

The Rolling Stones

I’ve loved these tributes that NBA players do after they retire. I read every one.

Dwayne Wade and Kobe moved me near tears with theirs.

Wait. Did you just compare yourself to DWade and Kobe?


It’s definately a little audacious. …

I’m a competitve person by nature. Unable to simply enjoy two respective greats of their genre as literary equals, I must be that guy who wonders,

Who would win in a fight?

Luckily I’ve grown up in an internet age where such questions run rampant, and are often monetized.


We, as a society, are fed up with moral absolutism.

Good and Evil.

Right and Wrong.

These have become dismissive terms in our literature.

No individual is infallible, no cause is so worthy that it is beyond reproach.

Our heroes are crumbled idols, and our villains are misguided do gooders.

Picture Tom Brady, if he looked like Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Before Tompa Bay, during the reign of the Ugg Boots comercial, before the TB12 method…

Before Lebron, Federer, Nadal and our other ageing icons were defying the laws of the universe and dominating professional sports into their late…

People are uglier than I initially give them credit for.

Especially the ones I like.

More and more, I meet new people, for the first time, and they’re wearing a mask.

It’s kind of funny how many folks I live, work, and interact with on a daily basis, all the…

Small W’s

West coast kid with love for the East. Just out of uni and working on being alive. Will try almost anything once and will definitely write about it. Stay tuned.

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